Physiological Characteristics
Average Height 6'0 - 6'8
Average Weight 120 - 195 lbs.
Skin Color Pale to dark brown, emerald, gold, silver
Hair Color Red, blonde, brown, black, silver
Eye Color Pale white, gold, grey, topaz
Lifespan About 100 years
Distinctions Low-light, celestial qualities
Sociocultural Characteristics
Origin Natural
Dominions Unknown
Language Common
Members High Prophet Gieliah


Aasimar, like other Planetouched , are very similar to Humans and can be confused for them on occasion however they are extremly non-appreciative of this and take offense to it. Because of their celestial ancesty, almost all Aasimar are uncommonly beautiful and exotic and are often taller, and thinner, than Humans. The celestial qualities vary from individual to individual and even though some Aasimar were easily distinguishable from Humans many of them only had one or two unusual qualities about them that gave them away.

Most often Aasimar have strange colored eyes, unusually fair hair and/or skin, pointed ears, and exceptional beauty. Dependent on the celestial being that an Aasimar decended from an Aasimar can have other, much stranger, qualities to them such as oddly colored skin, wings (often not very functional), or glowing eyes.


The High CouncilEdit

Since the beginning of Aasimar civilization the High Council has existed. The High Council was put in place to organize and govern the Aasimar in a way that they saw as fair for everyone. Every since then the Aasmiar government has been run like that of an aristocracy.

Thrarian CovenantEdit

The QuellingEdit



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