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The Two-Faced,





Duplicity, Lies, Acting


Favored Weapon

Camua doesn't have a very traditional following. It's not really the focus of a large organized faith; rather, there are a scattering of seperate, smaller cults that view it as more like a patron of all peoples with a hidden second nature. Kindly priests that take bribes and aristocrats turning to thievery for a thrill are the most common examples, but Camua is also said to watch over those who are kind at heart but show a cruel face.



Appearance & EmissariesEdit

Camua always appears as twin figures; one in black robes, the other in white. Both are draped in wooden masks - these masks' lips move whenever Camua speaks, while the twins themselves never so much as parting their own lips.

Religious OrganizationsEdit

Most of the cults worshiping Camua stem from regions with a high appreciation for art, particularly theater. Most of their members tend to be aspiring actors, praying for Camua to aid their performance. Its more successful followers attribute the lack of rotten vegatables being thrown at them to their faith in Camua.

One or two cults have been known to exist entirely within organized crime, with clerics blessing their members before major operations.