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Physiological Characteristics
Average Height 4'9 - 7'7
Average Weight 120 - 400 lbs.
Skin Color Pale to dark brown with many outlandish hues
Hair Color Any color
Eye Color Any color. Pupil-less
Lifespan 600-1000 years
Distinctions Low-light, rune-patterned skin
Sociocultural Characteristics
Origin Elemental (Abyssal)
Dominions N/A
Language Common, Abyssal
Members N/A


Daemonata have an appearance similar to that of Humans althought they are generally much more colorful. The skin, hair, and eye color of a Daemonata can range from almost any color with a very wide variety in hue and value.

Much like the Eladrin, Daemonata are hairless below the neck and the also have pupil-less, monochromatic, eyes which glow faintly. The skin of a Daemonata is patterened with runic like markings which are visable everywhere except on their face; these can be nearly any color as well.

Daemonata have talon-like nails, usually black in color, which they can retract but they often leave them exposed.

The height and weight of a Daemonata can range just like that of a Humans but they often accumulate excessive weight magically meaning they can look a lot heavier than they appear. Even though a Daemonata matures at a similar rate to that of a human this rate significally slows down at the age of twenty. 




Daemonata commanly have unisex names - if not identical between sex the names are usually quite similar to their counterparts.







Known HoldingsEdit



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