Physiological Characteristics
Average Height 4'3 - 4'9
Average Weight 160 - 220 lbs
Skin Color pale to dark drown
Hair Color Red, blond, brown, black
Eye Color blue, brown, gray,green, hazel
Lifespan About 200 years
Distinctions Low-light vision, glorious beards - sometimes even in females
Sociocultural Characteristics
Origin Natural
Language Common, Dwarven
Members Unknown


Dwarves are a very stalky and broad people, standing only at 4'3 to 4'9 but being able to range in weight similar to that of humans. Because of this Dwarves are generally accepted to be amongst the more durable of the Natural races found on Ardoth. Like Humans, Dwarves have a wide variety of skin, eye, and hair colors. Hazel colored eyes and red hair are a little more common in Dwarves then they are in Humans.

Dwarves have a tendancy to be bald though it is easy to see that this is a choice when comparing the males and females. Beards are very common, a beardless Dwarf often has special connotations, even women can grow beards and these beards are often used to display some form of social status amongst clans and societies. 

Dwarves are a long lived people and reach physical maturity a touch later than humans. Traditionally, Dwarves are considered adults once they reach the age of fifty. It is very common for a Dwarf to live to see their bicentennial.

History Edit

It is believes, mostly by the race themselves, that Dwarves were carved from the very stone of the earth by the gods. Legend has it that the Dwarves were "created" underground and only rose to the surface after being able to fight their way through and overcome and dangers of the deep through strength of arms and skill.


Dwarves are extremely family oriented and spend a lot of time and energy in family and friends, clans and tribes. A lot of responsibility falls on elders, who Dwarves respect most highly, and they are expected to have sound leadership and wisdom. These ideas even carry on to other, non-dwarven, races meaning that Dwarves will treat human elders with greater respect, for example.

Dwarves heavily value tradition amongst all things and they often call upon their chosen gods and look to ancesteral heroes for inspiration. Most believe in order, a strict code, and honor in all things.

It may be hard to earn a Dwarves true friendship but once it is won it is strong and neigh-unbreakable. Because of their family orientation they are naturally suspicious against peoples outside of their own family and are even more suspicious of non-dwarven races.


Known HoldingsEdit