Idarach the Earth-Smith

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The Arsonist, Bearer of Agony, Earth-Traitor


The Plane of Fire


Lawful Evil


Vengeance, remorse, flame, recklessness, betrayal


Favored Weapon

Unarmed Strikes


Idarach was once an ancient nature spirit dwelling in what used to be the north eastern forests of Nargandush, now the Plains of Egaddat. But as the dwarves of Bizenmar deforested the lands to fuel their forges, he grew enraged and began attacking their settlements. The dwarves retaliated, setting a portion of the forests of Egaddat ablaze as he rested between assaults.

But instead of killing him, they merely stoked the flame of his fury. Bark-like skin cracked, tongues of flame exploded from every inch of his being, and he began a relentless assault against the dwarven settlements that lasted months. He burned their villages and any warriors foolish enough to stand against him without any heed for the damage he might do to the woods. And so when his bloodlust finally subsided, he saw the destruction he had sown on the very forests he had sought to protect. The shock of it drove him mad, and to hide his shame he took the armor and weapons from his fallen foes and forged himself a suit of white-hot armor. Exhausted from his rampage, he then retreated to the Plane of Fire to rest and contemplate his ultimate vengeance against Bizenmar.


Appearance & EmissariesEdit

Idarach appears as a fifty-foot treant covered in glowing hot plate armor. Glowing embers can be seen through the cracks in his scorched, dead bark (wherever it shows through the armor), and those who enrage him have the misfortune of witnessing large gouts of flame erupt from his body to engulf them.

Religious OrganizationsEdit